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A member of the bar since 1986, Debbie Whelihan is a highly skilled litigator with significant jury trial and bench trial experience. Debbie has a complex and diverse litigation practice but she concentrates her practice on the defense of professionals (accountants, attorneys, insurance brokers physicians, social workers, and real estate professionals) and employment disputes as well as handling personal injury, premises liability, products liability, and commercial cases. In addition to her litigation practice, Debbie has developed a successful employment and contract practice for businesses and employers.

Debbie has successfully defended claims of serious personal injuries and death from motor vehicle accidents and has represented automobile dealers, trucking companies, and rental car companies from claims of negligence, products liability, and consumer protection violations. She has also defended several religious organizations and educational institutions against claims of sexual misconduct and claims made by former employees.

In addition to her practice before the state and federal courts of Maryland and the District of Columbia, Debbie has represented attorneys before the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission and the District of Columbia Board of Professional Responsibility and Bar Counsel. Debbie has represented employers before the Equal Opportunity Commission, the Maryland Human Relations Commission and the Office of Human Rights of the District of Columbia. She represents physicians before the Physician Board of Quality Insurance and health care providers before Maryland Health Care Alternative Dispute Resolution Office. Prior to joining the firm, as part of her real estate litigation practice, Debbie defended real estate agents, brokers, and real estate agencies before the Maryland Real Estate Commission.

She has also handled a number of appeals resulting in important decisions for our professional clients.

Debbie is a Master of the Bench in the Montgomery County Inn of Court and she is recognized by Martindale-Hubbell in the registry of AV Preeminent 5.0/5.0, which significant rating accomplishment is a testament to the fact that Debbie’s peers rank her at the highest level of professional excellence.

Reported Cases

Sage Title Group, LLC. v. Robert Roman, 229 Md. App. 601 ( 2016)(conversion commingled monies)

Equal Rights Center v. Properties Int’l, 110 A.3d 599 2015 WL 791402 (2015)(standing to sue for discrimination)

Atty. Griev. Comm'n v. McDowell, 439 Md. 26, 93 A.3d 711 (2014)(lawyer discipline)

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